Embassy of Uganda in Rome - Ambasciata d'Uganda a Roma

Bravo Signor Presidente!!

ugandamuseveni2016During the elections held on 18th February,  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni won the hotly contested race for President of the Republic of Uganda; beating his opponents by carrying away over 60% of the total number of votes cast. We at the Embassy in Roma say, Bravo Signor Presidente!

Uganda holds elections for all its political leaders once every five years. All elective Government officers are, by Constitutional dictate, subject to renew their occupancy of such offices by seeking the opinion of the electorate.  Our readers will be interested to learn that apart from the Presidential race, there was a Parliamentary race running concurrently.

Soon to follow will be district and local council elections at which the electorate chooses its leaders as well as the composition of all political councils in the country. Ugandans vying for elective office can stand as party members or as Independents.

Thus in the recently concluded Presidential and Parliamentary races, candidates offered themselves from parties such as the National Resistance Movement  Organisation (NRM),  the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC),  the Democratic Party (DP), the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC), the Conservative Party (CP) etc.

In the Presidential race, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of the NRM beat Kizza Besigye of FDC as well as Amama Mbabazi who had stood as ’Go Forward Party’ candidate.