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Infrastructure deficit is a great hindrance to the socio-economic tranformation of many African countries. What is true at the global level is true of East Africa. The region has the greatest need for this essential backbone to development. With a stable government and a sustained economic growth, the Government of Uganda is reaching out for public-private partnerships to develop its infrastructure.

Priority areas

Priority investment areas in Uganda are:

  • oil, gas and minerals
  • agriculture
  • tourism

The infrastructure needs for each of these sectors include roads, railways and air transport. In agriculture, investment in roads will increase productivity, open up new areas for production and improve export competitiveness. In the tourism sector, investment in roads will improve access to national parks from Kampala and Entebbe; link the parks with each other and provide access within each individual park.

Strategic projects

Against this backdrop, key investment projects in infrastructure areas are:

  • the 77 kilometre-long Kampala-Jinja Toll Road costing US$189 million
  • the 25 kilometre Bus Rapid Transit City Router in the southern part of Kampala costing US$240 million
  • the Uganda Railway Projects
  • the Uganda/Tanzania Railway Project
  • the Entebbe International Airport Enhancement Project
  • upcountry airports infrastructure development

stradeRailway network

To improve access as well as transport for its people and economic products, Uganda needs to revive its railway network. The Kampala to Malaba railway line needs upgrading to standard gauge. The Tororo to Packwach needs a minimum upgrade costing US$116 million to re-open the line. The Kasese to Packwach railway is a new proposal to build a line that provides access to oil-producing areas along the spine of the Albertine Graben. Work on the Kampala to Kasese line has stalled but Government is keen to proceed with the reconstruction of this important artery to Kilembe Mines and to western Uganda. The Gulu to Nimule line is another important northern artery of the railway.

The Uganda/Tanzania Railway Project is the latest bid by Uganda to find an alternative heavy haulage route to the Indian Ocean. Starting from Tanga in Tanzania, the line is proposed to run through Arusha to Musoma and across Lake Victoria to Bukasa Port in Uganda. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Governments of Tanzania and Uganda. Uganda is currently identifying land requirements for Bukasa Port.


Airport investment projects include further development and expansion of Entebbe Airport: featuring the construction of a new domestic terminal; a new cargo centre; an aircraft maintenance centre; and a multi-storey park.

In Northern Uganda, Gulu airport needs refurbishment as does Kasese airport in Western Uganda. Pakuba, at the northern tip of the Albertine Graben, is the “Oil Airport” and in need of investment to make it fit for purpose.