Embassy of Uganda in Rome - Ambasciata d'Uganda a Roma


ugandavision2040logoThis is the right time to invest in Uganda.

The country has had a stable government for the last 26 years.

This government ushered in and buttressed the liberalization of the economy which has grown at an average of over 5% per annum for the last 10 years.

There is a stable and predictable investment environment with a fully fledged Uganda Investment Authority.

Uganda is located at the heart of the Graet Lakes Region which countries provide an additional markets for goods produced in Uganda; quite apart from the indigenous growing demand in Uganda itself.

Uganda’s universal policies in education at primary and post-primary level have yielded a trainable workforce which is a great asset to any investor requiring labour.

Finally, the ambience and weather of Uganda are conducive to relaxation after a hard day’s work.